Our Coding field trip for 4th grade Homeschoolers had a great turn out! The introductory level experience was a wonderful way to peak the interest into Computer Science studies/careers. Each student had the opportunity to see the inner workings of video game and computer programming. I was impressed at how knowledgeable some of the students already were about the topic. They did their research ahead of time. Whoop Whoop! 😃 Homeschoolers rock!


These Cool Kids Quickly Caught On To Coding Today! I Certainly Couldn't Crack Any Codes Myself But Curiously Observed Our Kiddos Confidently and Unquestionably Continue On Very Calmly Without Concern. Clearly Computer Science Is A Cool College Course of Study And Promising Career Choice To Be Considered For Credits Even As A Young Child. Coincidentally, Coding Is A Key Cynosure Which All Society Is Courageously Centered. It's all the Craze! Now I Must Kindly Carry on. Lol 😂

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