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Independent Learner Cont'd

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Self Taught Student:

While getting acclimated to our homeschool routine and before we officially begin full fledged schooling after Labor Day, I allow my kids the liberty to choose any 5 subjects to complete each day. (And any lesson within those subjects).

So I check with my baby boy to see what he's working on.

I asked my 6yo to bring me his book so I could check on what he's read. He is to give me a verbal summary as I glance over the book to see IF infact he has actually read the subject matter.

Here's how his accountability check went...

Me : So, Dallas what did you read about in History today?

Dallas : Benjamin Franklin. (very nonchalantly)

Me : Tell me something about Benjamin Franklin.

Dallas : Benjamin Franklin was a very wise and great American. He did all he could to help America grow strong.

He did not have much of a chance to go to school, but that did not stop him from learning. He worked hard to teach himself new things. When Benjamin was only twelve years old, he began learning to print books.

People liked the wise sayings that he wrote in a book called Poor Richard's Almanac.

Here are just two of his many sayings: "Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise."

"Little strokes fell great oaks."

Me : (Dumbfounded) [I can't believe he actually quoted word for word - verbatim from the text book without taking a breath.]

My thoughts: I guess he told me! He IS actually learning independently! Self taught!

He goes on to tell me all about Franklins adult life and Paul Revere. Lol 😃

Book worm! 📚He reads for leisure with pleasure!

#Homeschool #Bookworm

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