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Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Why does it seem like something magical happens this time every year when Spring is upon us? I don't know about you but I honestly get Spring Fever! Apparently I've been bitten by the bug of "Spring Cleaning!" There must definitely be something in the air other than pollen. Maybe it's the pixy dust of fresh fragrances of nature. Flowers blossom. Grass grows. Sun shines seemingly brighter. Trees bloom. There's a genuine joy in the air. The mood is lighter. Happier. There's an expectation of great things that the new season brings. I get a pep in my step. A song in my heart. An excitement that is placed within by God. In God's infinite wisdom, He knew to break up the year into seasons that would bring about change and growth. He knew that we'd potentially get stuck into a systematic pattern of the same old same. By God's divine Providence He has created cycles that catapults newness of life. That is the catalyst for renewed: joy, strength, order and growth. Springtime has me as busy as a bee purging, rearranging, cleaning, reorganizing and redefining my life as well as revisiting my goals. I'm decluttering drawers, cabinets, closets etc. I get carried away in the excitement of it all! It's almost like the anticipation of a newborn baby coming home. So much to do to prepare.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and requires lots of attention. Here are some of my favorite organizing tools that help keep me kitchen orderly. Do tell me your favorite organizers as well.

What's buzzing in your world? How are you impacted by the changes of spring? Please share your thoughts, traditions and tips for embracing the changes of new seasons. Comment below and share with others via email or social media.

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