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Women Winning in Wellness

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Celebrating International Women’s Month 2019

Amidst the a sea of like minded women all concerned about wellness, health and overall best being, I was so stirred by the dynamic speakers and amazing vendors. While attending the Integrative Women’s Health and Healing Conference at the Tuckahoe Women’s Club, I met some pretty inspiring women who are making a difference in the Health/Wellness industry that are stressing the importance of a holistic approach to living a vibrant life. It was a full day of learning, connecting, and empowerment.

So that’s it… I’ve made up my mind to really get back on a regimen of holistic living. After all it's monumental for self-care, revitalization and preservation. In an effort to recommit to my former health practices I’ve decided to:

  • work out more consistently (At home using Insanity),

  • eat cleaner,

  • order liquid minerals to satisfy deficiencies and eliminate cravings,

  • get a colonic,

  • amp up my overall essential oils usage,

  • strategically plant an upright garden,

  • get quality sleep and so on.

My EASY baby steps will commence with using essential oils. 100% all natural EO’s are preferred! Essential oils can be worn, bathed in, added to hair/skin products, consumed through your diet etc.

These are the glass droppers and rollers that I will be using to incorporate more oils into my healthier lifestyle. If you haven’t already begun using a diffuser it is highly recommended as well. You can start here. Diffusers not only distributes the fragrance of essential oils into the atmosphere for soothing aromatherapy but they also are known for altering moods and stimulating energy.

As I keep the vision of wellness before me I plan to reach my goals my goals by this summer. I will reinforce this mindset by getting an accountability partner, listening to health/wellness podcasts, pin up a picture goal on my mirror. Who's also committing to becoming your best self with overall wellness practices? Let me know your plans as well so we can support each other. I'd love to hear your feedback. Stay motivated!

Motivation is a powerful thing. I recommend staying plugged into what keeps you thrusting forward on your path to wellness. Let's continue to be Women Winning in Wellness! How will you continue to celebrate International Women's Month?

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