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2021 Scripture Verses

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

2 Chronicles 20:21 b

"Give thanks unto the Lord for his love endures forever."

John 20:21

"Peace be with you."

Acts 20:21

"Turn to God in repentance and have faith in our Lord Jesus."

I love exploring the Word of God and extrapolating all the goodness I can absorb from it.

Finding scriptures with the numbers 2021 was an intriguing exercise.

I love discovering the treasures to apply to my life.

I wish I had the mental capacity to memorize scripture better.

One day I'll have more time and freedom to slow down, dive deep into the pages of the Bible and marinate in the wisdom until the roots grow deeply.

I long for the the opportunity to invest uninterrupted hours in Bible study.

Being a sage is a personal goal...

To use to win souls to Christ and advance the Kingdom of God of course!

As a parent I've taken every opportunity to instill a solid Biblical world view in my children by writing the Word of God in the tablets of their hearts.

I've placed my children in the Awana program where they've memorized a great deal of scripture with their peers in exciting ways. They've even competed in Bible tournaments like Jeopardy game.

Hiding the Word in our children's hearts is a huge responsibility that we shouldn't take for granted.

We are the protests and Prophets of our homes. It's where discipleship begins.

Making spiritual goals will help remain on a path of righteousness.

What are some of your scripture goals?

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