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Do We Really Manage Time?

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

How can we be more effective with our time? Experts say time management is key. Time management is the process of organizing and planning how to divide your time between specified activities. Time Management (TM) is the vehicle to execute your vision. But is it really possible to manage time? Or must we manage ourselves and how we spend our time?

Pointers for great stewardship: * Eliminate non-priorities * Stop over multi-tasking * Make lists * Delegate tasks * Get in a routine * Create schedules for yourself * Block out personal time, family time, Study time, vacation time, date nights, etc. * Schedule time with God * Plan out the day, * Make adjustments * Set reminders/alerts to keep in task * Create vision board blue print * Put time constraints on meetings * Say "No" * Decline offers that waste time and doesn't serve purpose * Eliminate clutter (Mental & Physical) * Pace yourself it isn't a race but a journey * Focus on priorities * Strategize. plan. execute. * Evaluate what's working * Track your progress (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly etc) * Tweak or eliminate what isn't serving * Collaborate to maximize efforts The use of a schedule helps us to be more effective. It actually empowers us to be effective. Start small and move forward. You're going to see the results, it saves you from WASTE! Time spent wisely produces your biggest impact. Respect how we manage our lives within the parameters of time and you'll see the results. Activate the promises of God by stewarding or lives, gifts, time and talents. Will you look back over your year, your journey your life and say "Well Done?" If you don't like the results, change your strategy. Change to your mindset and lifestyle become more Efficient, Effective, Execute well planned strategies. Having a plan gives God something to work with. Give God the first fruits of your time. Set Him as to priority of your life. Always be sure to thank the Lord for accomplished goals.

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