Work/School/Life Flow

Many Moms often ask me how I work and Homeschool.

I used to be that stay-at-home Mom that could fully embrace being a Mom, truly enjoying raising my kids, loving to care for my home, and tackling small farming.

One day that all changed after a family emergency. I found myself needing to contribute to the family budget because my hubby was out of work due to an injury.

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Since then I've been working and trying to strike a balance.

Some days are great. Others are indeed difficult. Of course there are both ends of the spectrum and all areas in between.


On this particular day I was able to meet with clients in a conference room at the library while my kids worked independently on their studies in the main section. After that I taught my littles Math in the training room until we took a break for lunch.

There are ebbs and flows. Highs and lows. This day was a great success. I hit it out the ball park! Winning!