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Mid Summer Fit

Ever felt robbed? Taken advantage of? Backed into a corner? Well, I just cannot believe this! Why is summer zooming past like a freight train? I'm over here feeling like the Grench also stole SUMMER. Not only is time fleeting but I haven't caught a grip.

Inwardly I'm throwing a whole adult tantrum about already having parent meetings for the upcoming school year! Like What? Wait a minute! I haven't even cooled off from the hustle and bustle of last school year, haven't taken a family vacation yet and I'm already having to attend parent meetings!?! Just who are these people? Why are they NOT also in chill mode? Ostensibly, they're great leaders who never stop being great.

I'm feeling the need to de-escalate, take a moment and totally chill. I am not quite ready to be responsible for more workload. Mentally I'm still on pause. Forgive me as I rant in your reading.

Apparently I need to get over myself and rise up with a new mindset! There we go, just make a decision to shift. Done. Rant over!

There are times in life where we must rise above our feelings into greater purpose. Feelings matter but NEVER should they rule. We are to manage our emotions in order to be emotionally stable. Wrangle in feelings that are destructive, abusive, adult-tantrums, self-defeating or non-productive. Release the toxicity of doubt, worry, failure, unbelief that hinder your forward progress.

Embrace hope, love, Joy, brilliance, power, strength and an "I can do it" mindset. Watch how you will begin to grow. Opportunities will open up to you. Your entire LIFE will begin to change for the better!

It is said that we attract what we are. The energy we exude returns to us in greater measure. Be positive. Be a person of great Faith. Feast on the abundance of God's goodness!

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