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Book Club

The commencement of a new book con has begun on this day of the Lord. I am pretty stoked about participating with the other club members. There's almost nothing I enjoy more than commentary around a designated topic of discussion.

I'm looking forward to reading the book entitled "No Cure for being Human." by Late Bowler. I'm totally unfamiliar with this authors work. I wonder if this story is based on true events or it's completely fabricated.

I find it intriguing to learn a new authors writing style and manner in which they express their ideas. I geek out on that as I am an ever growing and developing writer myself.

I love words. I've been a wordsmith my whole life. With great expectations and highlighter ready, I'm equipped to dive right into the pages of the book.

Why couldn't there be more time in the day to politely peruse through page after page of prolific books?

This I need more of in my life.

Book Club

I must intentionally carve out time to wonder!

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