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You Might Be A Homeschooler If...

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

  • Your school assignment is to create a sales forecast and strategy for your family business!

  • Your rainy day PE default is aerobics with in the living room Mom because she's actually getting her workout in at your expense.

  • Agriculture is considered a graded class

  • Your Dad teaches Stock Market and Foreign Exchange as a subject

  • Your older sibling steps in to teach a topic to leverage Mom's time to set up the next subject.

  • Receiving school supplies at any time of the year feels like Christmas!

  • You're dressed like your classmates on school feels trips for easy identification.

  • Your siblings are in almost all classes with you.

  • You have pie to eat for lunch on National Pi day.

  • You have the same mandatory music theory courses with your siblings.

  • Your dining room table doubles as your classroom work station.

  • Your spare bedroom becomes a classroom.

  • When your friends visit, they must also do school.

  • Completing schoolwork assignments on the floor is not uncommon.

  • The assistant teacher is your big sister.

  • Your Sofa sustains stimulating symposium on specific subject significances.

  • You're graded on raising livestock.

HOMESCHOOL HILARITY Humor yourself with the "Never a dull moment" lifestyle of a Homeschooler Memes below.

In a world where school is thought of as dull, routine and boring even...those who Homeschool know every day can be another unpredictable adventure! Homeschool is a lifestyle. This way of life is what you make it. Yes the ebbs and flow ride on the currents of your personal enthusiasm and systems. Invest in your kids, your plans and yourself to get maximum return and lasting results! Home Education Rules: 1. Break out of the box 2. Plan JOY into your Homeschool 3. Don't compare your family to others 4. First-time fear is normal you'll get over it 5. You're the best teacher for your child 6. Don't stress 7. Brace yourself for being misunderstood 8. Choose your activities carefully. (Less is more) 9. Find real support 10. Stay away from negative people as you get your bearings Share, Like and Follow for more lifestyle blog posts. Join the discussion. Be a guest blogger. Follow on social media: Facebook. Instagram. LinkedIn. Twitter. YouTube.

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