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First Fruits

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

I traditionally do a 21 Day Daniel fast (fruits and veggies) starting Jan 1st every year. It's what I consider giving my First Fruits to God as a means of consecration of the First Days of My Year. This year the Lord challenged me in various NEW levels. Actually I went to an "End Your Year Strong" conference in Atlanta GA with Dr. Cindy Trimm. It was beyond phenomenal! Dr. Trimm admonished us to step out on faith and begin to trust God for a plan for the New Year with seeking and fasting at the end of the year.

For the first time ever I began my consecration during the end of the year. I was challenged to give up more sacrificially, in oppose to going trough the same routine. This time I was inspired to sacrifice several additional things other than food like: not watching TV or movies, giving up on chewing ice (that's major for me!) staying off of social media! (Ouch that hurts)

So I called myself only going on social media to post the Prophetic Word of the day and to post on my business pages which I could schedule in advanced BUT I kept responding to people's comments on my posts etc.

This was a BIG distraction, time consuming and ultimately a stronghold. So I said nothing will have power over me nor be an idol when I have a commitment to consecrate. Nor will I justify being on there for business, as it is a viable source of revenue for me.

I decided that this time away will be like the time Chick-fil-A closes on Sunday. I'll trust God for my increase.

So I DELETED ALL social media apps off my phone. One week felt like an ETERNITY.

I didn't realize how dependent I was until then. I thought I was in control. But I kept thinking, I'm missing out on business. That's my flesh wrestling.

Anyhow I will return when my fast is complete our when I get a release. Life goes on. The world will not stop. God is exalted!

Meanwhile I've experienced many NEW breakthroughs. I know I'm gaining new spiritual territory. I've been Dreaming again intensely!

I've even received a prophetic Word in my dream. This fast I've had an encounter with God that I've never had before. It's been A-MAZING!

During my time of fasting anytime of the year, not only do I read the Bible but I also read this book by #JentzenFranklin "The Fasting Edge." Through his teaching on the revelation on Fasting I've learned and grown so much. You can get this eye-opening book here.

What are your fasting/consecration practices? Please give feedback!

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