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Airing Out Your Laundry?

Taking full advantage of a sunny day.☀️ Yes we live in the country and we hang clothes on the line to dry! Yes it's probably banned in our HOA bylaws but none of our neighbors can see it because our property is completely wooded. Advantages: - Saves energy - Laundry Smells oh so fresh - Teaches life skills - Keeps kids busy - Gives kids a sense of responsibility - Keeps dryer from competing with the AC in raising the temperature Two Things I Don't Air Dry: -Towels -Jeans/Denim Research shows that clothes dryers use the second most energy of any appliance in your house, next to the refrigerator. In some cases it's actually first depending upon the appliance's energy efficiency level.

"Project Laundry List" says that if all Americans would use clotheslines or drying racks, the savings would be enough to close several power plants. That's Incredible! Because there are 7 people in my household laundry is a BEAST! It must be done daily! As often as we do laundry our machine is always running. We can't always hang dry our laundry outdoors but when we can we try to take full advantage when the weather permits. Otherwise, I also have a clothes line in my laundry room as well. We attempt to live somewhat of an eco-friendly lifestyle while saving money in the process. With a big family cutting costs is always my goal!

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