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Formula for Success

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Easy Keys to a More Fulfilling Christian Lifestyle

1. Put the Lord in His proper place – Number 1. FIRST. Serve God with reverence and godly fear. Give the Lord the first fruits of your day, money, emotions, social/physical life and in every other area. Change your schedule. It’s worth it. It’s the first commandment – Thou shall have no other gods before me. Keep the Sabbath. Hebrews 12:28

2. Hear Him well. Tune out and eliminate unnecessary distractions. There are so many voices vying for your attention. Listen for the still, small voice of God. God speaks to you directly and in Prayer. Listen up.

3. No Compromise. Ephesians 5:5. Are you sold out enough to go all the way? Evaluate where you are. Don’t lose territory in God. Remain integral. There’s too much at stake. Keep pushing. Destiny is calling.

Using the right keys will unlock a richer more meaningful relationship with God.

4. Quick to Repent and Obey. Acts 8:22, Romans 2:4 God never calls flawless/perfect people. When you fall get back up, repent and press on in your God-given assignment.

5. Take Risks. Hebrews 11. People of great faith are willing to take risks with God. Take the leap. Stretch your faith. Get out of the boat, out of your comfort zone and walk on water with Jesus, Peter. For without Faith it’s impossible to please God.

6. Serving Others Well. Have a heart for people. This is the second commandment. Help someone else rise up. Humility and Integrity are vital for promotion. We’re better together.

7. Forgive. 70 times 7. Let it go. Forgiveness is a gift to yourself, it frees you! It’s not accepting or excusing the behavior of others but releases you from the bondage and prison of past hurts because you deserve peace, healing and freedom.

Please comment below with a key or two that's beneficial for others to know and implement in their lives. We all would like your feedback! Thanks for sharing with us. Visit us often or better yet subscribe so you won't miss any new releases or updates.

Kizzy Staten Gray

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