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Mid-Year Distance Learning/Homeschool Refresh

When the holidays are over and you're dreading trying to get back on track with distance learning or homeschooling you can apply some of these tips to help ready yourself and smoothly transition back into academic greatness!

Hey it's the New Year! Let's kick it off with back to school excitement and momentum!

Stay positive! Tell yourself: I can do this, I am resilient. I will learn how. I am succeeding! Stay open minded and the process will be so much easier.

Make a daily schedule or predictable routine. This makes kids feel safe, secure and it’s promotes stability. Set times that work for you. Be flexible. Set times to connect throughout the day. They require connection with you. There will be some interruptions. Relax. Take deep breaths. Manage your workload and your expectations. Have compassion and empathy for your kids. Slow down. Look at the world through their eyes. They feel anxious or overwhelmed and it nurtures. It’s more effective than yelling or trying to control it all. Everyone is more emotionally healthy and productive.

Dial down their emotional overwhelm.

If you're overwhelmed as a parent, please reach out for outside support. Family or friends who can step in if you have a major deadline.

If you finish early. It’s ok. Don’t just sit in Science an extra 10 min. just because you finish early. You have the liberty to pack up the books or move on to another subject.

Create a designated space for learning. Make sure it’s well lit. They have needed supplies in arms length. Keep other devices out of reach.

If you see your child getting stressed. Be an active listener. Validate their concerns. Reassure them that everything will work out .

Take breaks. Brain breaks. Movement moment. Get a snack. Play a quick game of patty-cake. Play a musical instrument. Have five minutes of free play time.

Make sure you login on time. Set timers if needed.

Don’t work all day. Participate online. Ask teacher questions as soon as needed. Communicate with teacher at least once a week.

Get outdoors at least once a day. Go for a walk. Bike ride. Jump on trampoline. Play basketball. Exercise together. Go to park.

Offer positive reinforcements or incentives. "If you get everything completed we can ride our bikes for lunch or watch a movie of your choice after dinner tonight."

What are some of your genius tips that you'd like to share with our readers?

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