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Come Sit With Me

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Surround yourself with people who inspire and encourage the best in you. Sit at the table with those who challenge your greater potential to emerge. Those who won't let you settle. Those who make you laugh and wipe your tears. Ones who support your dreams, goals and vision. Like-minded souls who have similar ambition and drive. Feasting and fellowshiping with family and friends is well valued in my home. It's an atmosphere where relationships grow and sparks are set ablaze. Intimacy is born. Generations are impacted. Hearts revealed. Feelings expressed. Debates settled. Resolve and Peace is made. Candid conversations are the best kind. These truth talks evoke change by confronting hard topics with necessary discussion. Iron sharpens iron. It's the meeting of the minds. Also lively, lighthearted conversations fill the room with laughter. Savory aromas and delectable cuisine fills the belly. Merry souls delight in the warmth of comfort and safety.

We actively engage. Listen intently. We remove distractions and immerse ourselves in being fully present. Absolutely No cell phones allowed at my table. Nope. Not permissible. I'm hoping you're not allowing those distractions either. Let's strive to be more intentional this year. Through the dynamics of dining and dialogue, legacy is being established as a heritage for generations to come. My children love dining at the table and look forward to the exchange of deliberate discourse. In fact they initiate and prefer it above other things which greatly blesses my heart. Sometimes we discuss certain themes. Other times we employ cue cards to prompt the dialogue. Additionally we simply give way to free-flow from the heart. Holidays are great opportunities for communing at the table around matters of the heart. I've shared my holiday conversation starters free download here and on social media many times. If you want to grab a copy, check out my resource page for that free download. What topics do you most enjoy conversing about with your loved ones at the table? Share with us in the comments.

I truly adore hosting guests in my home. This year I will intentionally create more opportunities for hosting of guests in my home. I will not only host in my home but I will also host dinners on the road. Heart to heart. Sister to sister. Moms to Moms. Young and Old. Men and Women. Leaders to leaders. Mother/Daughters, Business owners, Couples etc.

Who wants to join me? Let's break bread together! Please recommend topics for discussion and let's meet at the table. {I will kick off this year with my 45 Birthday Dinner Celebration this Sunday! Yay! Although it won't be at my home I can hardly wait to see the smiling faces and hug the necks of my people. I'm pretty stoked! }

**Photo Credit ~ Masters of Luxury Instagram: Mansion of the Day. Top image.**

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