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Unopened Gifts

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

What gifts, talents and skill-set are you sitting on? What do you do well? What do people always run to you for help with? Maybe you are great at: Writing, Styling Hair, Fixing Cars, Servicing Computers, Making Flower Arrangements, or Baking Cakes.

Well it's time you capitalize on it in a real way. Not just here or there on the side but seriously package it into a product or service that will generate ongoing income.

Time out for Freebies, Probonos, and Charity Work to get busy earning an income that you're passionate about. You must know your worth and stop giving your expertise away for FREE. You must know your worth! Don't discount and devalue yourself.

You already work so diligently for your 9-5. It's time to invest in yourself.

Get off the fence. Quit being indecisive. Make a decision to begin today. Follow it up with purposeful action!

To you Mom's out there who say I can't do it because I have little kids...that's the wrong answer. You do not have to put your passion on the shelf. Allow your kids to lend a helping hand. Get them involved. Let them help you pack up for your engagement, help prepare packages to mailed off, bring you the ingredients, keep a checklist for you. There are ways to allow their engagement.

Some of you may say I don't have the capital to get started. My response to that is: there's always something to do in the interim. During your preparatory season you can research information on your industry, study, educate yourself, and practice honing in on your craft.

Whatever you do don't sit idle.

Get your game-plan and get busy!

Best Wishes!

If you desire a FREE 20 minute clarity call with me I'd be delighted to connect with you for a complimentary consultation. Send your message in the contact form. I look forward to working with you to help materialize your vision.

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