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Elaborate Envisioning For Your Life

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Why is envisioning important for you?

First of all, without a vision you'll be stuck! Scripture says without a vision people perish. Meaning their lives will just waste away. Studies show that what you envision and consistently see is what you'll move towards. So get a good vision. Keep it in front of you as a reminder of where you want to go, what you want to do, who you want to become etc. Anything that doesn't align with your vision you need to see it as subject to change! See it as temporary. Don't settle for your current circumstances. Don't sit around discouraged and depressed. Don't feel limited by your circumstances, resources or the small minds of people. Rise up from there and grab hold of your vision. Stretch your faith to seize the life you want. See yourself living in the vision. See yourself:

  • Losing the weight

  • Writing the book

  • Owning the company

  • Getting married

  • Raising the family

  • Out of debt

  • Healthy again

  • Winning

Do you see yourself traveling the world? At least write down the places you want to go. Get images of those destinations and post them up. Purchase a wall map and highlight those places or put a pin there after you've visited. You can also buy a glove and set it on your desk as a reminder. Buy new luggage in preparation. Let it come alive inside of you. Save up for it. Pretty soon you'll have traveled to more than 20 destinations in your list! Use your imagination. Close your eyes and behold your vision. Allow yourself to feel the emotions of arrival. Arriving in THAT moment. Let it sink into your belief system. When you see it long enough it will work into your subconscious mind. Just let that seed take root and grow to a mighty force that will thrust you into accomplishment.

Terry Sevelle has an awesome audio book on Vision Boards that help you achieve your goals. You can get it here. I love listening to audio-books on Audible. It's really worth the subscription to motivate your life. Try Audible for FREE and get two FREE audio books!!! You should strongly consider signing up for Audible. What are your favorite audio books?

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