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Updated: Apr 2, 2020

✨Remember your WHY! ✨

Having a mission statement will help you remember "why you are homeschooling" especially on those tough days when all your planning goes out the window. 😨A child doesn't grasp the lesson for the umpteenth time, ⏳you suddenly get sick 😷or an emergency comes up ⚠️isn't uncommon. There are times when you want to throw in the towel but reflecting back on your purpose / mission statement will help you stay afloat. ⛵️Missions keep you anchored. ⚓️ Make a list of your important reasons for homeschooling today!📝

My Why

Having the opportunity to instill faith, values, life skills and individual, educational training to my children was very important to me. In my mind the best way to have this exclusive one on one tailor made, affordable education was to Homeschool. I'd already worked in both private and public schools but wanted to offer my kids what money couldn't buy, personal time and influence with my children. Taking what I learned from both sectors and applying it to our home training has proven extremely valuable. The value found in this opportunity surpassed all desire to have the latest and greatest lifestyle, as I understood this would be a huge sacrifice and commitment. I am willing to dedicate this segment of my life to shape and cultivate an atmosphere where learners think critically, grow academically, and acquire life skills to be highly effective adults. Establishing a firm foundation through home education and molding my kids belief system that would shape the biblical worldview of my future world leaders is more a matter of the heart than anything outward. That's major for me!

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