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Our Homeschool Graduation

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Homeschool Graduation Teaching has been a significant highlight of my life. One of my very first jobs in Highschool was being a Preschool Teacher at a Montessori school. Later while in college I volunteered at an Elementary, public school. Private school was my next career move. Long before I had children I knew that I wanted have the best possible education for them. Private school was what I then considered premium schooling. Eventually I learned about Homeschooling. Since discovering this alternative to traditional education I've settled that this is the absolute best for my family! Initially I was concerned about being qualified to teach however I found out that it didn't require having a teaching degree nor any of the red tape I thought would be required to Homeschool. I was pretty comfortable with the elementary and middle school grade levels. I nervously doubted that I could effectively cover all subject matter in the high school years but found ways to supplement and improvise. There are so many options avaliable: Co-ops, online enrollments, DVD curriculum, personal tutors, study groups and so much more. Bottom line: You Can Do This! Don't worry about every detail now, when your kid is just a First Grader. LOL. Focus on daily, weekly and monthly goals. You can cross those bridges when you get to them. GOD'S GRACE IS SUFFICIENT EVERY STEP OF THE WAY! Here are a few tips for High School Seniors: * Earn college credit by taking dual credit courses. * Fill out every scholarship possible. * Attend college fairs, open houses and yours. * Don't forget to complete a FAFSA app also known as Federal Student Aid application. * Apply to colleges * Send Final transcripts and any other requirements. * Once you decide on your college. Write them to inform them of your acceptance. * Register as early as possible with the academic advisor at the college. * Participate in orientations offered. * Secure your housing arrangements. * (Download a checklist here.) Ultimately Homeschooling was the best decision I have made for my family. After nine years on this journey I have successfully graduated my first child.! Whoop Whoop! I am so excited about it! I couldn't be more happy for her future. I know God will do amazing things in her life.

Want to know more about Homeschooling? You may have many questions...How to get started, what curriculum to use, who can teach your child etc.? Consult with me or grab my book here. Homeschool Is Not What You Think

Also many people have asked where I've gotten my beautiful, full, floor- length skirt from in the graduation picture above. Well, my Mamma made it! Thank God for her, She's the Best! Instead of paying custom prices I recommend this very similar skirt for a fraction of the cost of custom made ethnic skirts.

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