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Classical Education Training

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

I recently attended a Train the Trainer type of Homeschool workshop. Our trainer Morgan Taylor was A-MAZING. She represents all things lovely and Beautiful. There were wonderful leaders from all over VA there. We tag teamed teachings on familiar topics and collaborated on ancient concepts and generated new ideas together for teaching the classical model. This one day workshop was not nearly enough time to dig deep into the content so we merely scratched the surface. And so the real nitty gritty deep diving must begin. The exchange was dynamic. Not only did I walk away feeling that I have great tools and resources to be effective for our upcoming event in June but also I walked away greatly inspired to become a better Homeschool Mom. Here are a few recommended books for our personal preparation:

"The Benedict Option"

"The Vanishing American Adult"

"Echo of Celebrations"

"The Core"

"Arithmetic for Parents"

"Redeeming Mathematics"

"The Question"

"The Conversation"

"Classical Christian Education Made Approachable"

We were also advised to listen to a few Podcasts that speak to the classical model. One by Andrew Pudewa and another by Andrew Kern. IEW Podcast is a terrific tool for delving into Classical Writing.

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