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7 Ways to Increase Your Productivity

7 Ways to Increase Your Productivity

Truth is we all want to maximize our life. How to accomplish doing so is the real challenge. Get the most out of your life, relationships, business, time, peace, joyfulness and overall productivity by implementing these strategies.

1. Evaluate/Reassess. Assignments change, are seasonal and expire. Reassess where you are and what you’re doing to make sure you’re on the right path. Analyze your fruitfulness. Is it still working or not? What adjustments need to be made? Implement.

2. Set Appropriate Boundaries. Having no or low boundaries is the fastest way to burn out. The lack of boundaries creates an encroachment upon your productivity! People will take you and your time and talent for granted IF you ALLOW it. Embrace the word “NO”. It’s okay. Practice saying no in the small things to develop strength in this area. Practice boundaries. Remember you deserve RESPECT. You deserve to have people dignify you with a notice, heads up, regard for your time and so forth. Don’t accept anything less especially if your plate is full.

3. Prioritize What Propels You Forward. What’s your IPA? Not GPA. Your IPA is Income Producing Activity. Is what you’re working on causing greater impact or more income? Reevaluate Results vs. Revenue. You don’t have to trade one for the other. You can actually do both, Increase your impact and income. >>>Side note: Charge your worth! Why would you let FEAR continue to minimize your greatness? Know your value that you add. People are afraid to charge their worth because of fear of rejection. If people don’t want to pay for the quality that you deliver then they are not the right client for you. Be okay with that. People don’t appreciate FREE or low cost. Set your standard and stick by it.

4. Schedule What’s Important. You cannot be effective if your time is not scheduled. Prioritization and Success don’t happen by accident. It must be scheduled and must be intentional. People who don’t protect their calendar spin their wheels. They get side tracked by phone calls, inboxes, emails, errands etc. Schedule quiet time. Schedule Family time. Schedule rest. Schedule social media time. When you don’t put a time on it, you’ll be on social media checking for 3 hours. Stay off unless you are using it to work. Activities expand or contract to fit the amount of time allotted.

5. Delegate/Automate. In order to be most effective and productive there comes a time where you have to delegate and/or automate. Control freaks find it hard to delegate. They are afraid that someone will mess up the task given. Who really wants to be a one man band? Let others help you fulfill your assignment and vision! Delegation helps to protect your peace of mind and energy. Automation ought to be your new best friend. It helps to maintain momentum, reduces time spend on redundant tasks, and increases consistency. What can you delegate? House work, laundry, lawn care, hair care, business services etc. Outsource what you’re not able to accomplish alone. Automate your email responses and workflows. Establish routines, policies and procedures for home, work or business. Preserve your energy and effort while remaining effective.

Increase Your Productivity

6. FOCUS. Remain steadfast in what you have committed to do. Refuse to be seduced by distractions. Develop a thorough life of follow through. See your project through to the end. If you are in the middle of a project and you get a really awesome idea for a new project, instead of interrupting the current flow to fully entertain the new thing, create a “Later List”. Stay on course until completion and revisit your later list when time permits.

7. PRAY. Nothing give you better focus, direction, guidance, stability, production and propulsion like spending time in Prayer. Getting quiet and hearing from Heaven about your life will save you time, effort, and energy. Slow down, get clear. Get your directives from Heaven and you will not be lead astray. God is faithful to guide you along the right path. He will never fail you. Submit your plan and be open for course correction. God knows all. His plan for you is perfect. Let the Lord lead your life!

What are some keys to productivity that you use? Please share with us with a comment below. If anything stated has interested or helped you please share this post with a friend or on social media. Invite others to follow this blog. Thanks!

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